Examples of Our Work & Results


The founder, owner and leader of this first generation business was nearing retirement and wrestling with family and leadership succession challenges. He continued to play a vital role in leading the business through decades of impressive growth. But the plan to fill the impending leadership vacuum his departure would create was unclear, and the family was divided regarding next steps.

Strategic Actions

  • Performed deep-dive analysis and assessment of challenges and opportunities.

  • Worked with Founder and leadership team to lead development of a family vision statement, purpose statement, core values, and a 3-Year strategic growth plan.

  • Elevated teamwork among leaders, and collaboration and initiative across silos.

  • Coached aspiring family leaders and introduced some to leadership development resources.

  • Helped CEO and key leaders improve talent management and development capabilities.

  • Assisted in the on-boarding of new leaders.

  • Introduced marketing leaders to new digital marketing strategies and tactics.

  • Coached sales leaders to accelerate business building initiatives and usage of CRM tools.


  • Exceeded sales and profit goals.

  • The founder successfully sold the company to Kubota for an attractive price, and he happily shared a significant portion of the proceeds with his community and employees,

"Jude quickly assessed and helped us articulate our core culture and strengths. Just as importantly he guided us to identify and articulate weaknesses in our organization and gave us the tools to address these. He brought a market driven focus to our historically engineering and manufacturing driven strategies. His focus on developing leaders and collaboration across all functions of the company has resulted in a lasting improvement in our ability to manage complexity in a focused and strategic manner."

-- Linda Salem, CEO at Great Plains Manufacturing


This second-generation business had grown impressively for many years but had stagnated in recent years. Sales were flat for 4 years, and profits were beginning to deteriorate. Family ownership and the board of directors were dissatisfied with the performance of senior management, and trust between the two was waning. Business units were overly de-centralized, they suffered from a lack of strategic direction and support from senior management, and competition was advancing at an alarming pace.

Strategic Actions

  • Led development of a first-ever family vision statement including purpose and goals, aligning the family on a path forward.

  • Helped the family deploy the vision, purpose, and goals with the Board, and facilitated usage by the board in governing the senior management team.

  • Led senior management and the board of directors in the development of a 3-year strategic growth plan to achieve the family’s vision and goals.

  • Assessed senior management team and recommended plan for renovation.

  • Identified internal difference-makers for leadership development, coaching and advancement.

  • Introduced Board to world-class executive recruiting firm to help upgrade talent, and aided in the attraction of multiple new leaders.

  • Facilitated the gradual and graceful exit of deficient leaders, and helped on-board new senior leaders.

  • Helped deploy the strategic plan cohesively and collaboratively across the company.

  • Revamped the go-to-market strategy and plan to fuel collaboration, marketing, and cross selling across business units.

  • Introduced marketing leaders to digital marketing partners, and led a digital transformation including new web site, ecommerce platform, and integration with CRM and analytics tools.


  • Achieved all-time record sales and growth in profits two years after deploying the plan.

  • Significant improvements in teamwork across business units.

"I highly recommend Jude because I have seen his leadership principles in action, and they work. During the time our family-owned company has worked with Jude, we have focused our organization on strategic priorities and improved collaboration, innovation, accountability and results."

- William Hallock, General Counsel and Board Director at Construction Specialties Inc.


This family office is one of the largest family offices in the world as measured by assets under management. The purpose and mission of the firm had become less clear because the family trust expired recently after six generations. As a result, the range of services required by the large family blossomed well beyond trust management and dividend distribution. The board of directors wanted to align the broader family on a shared vision for the family office, and realized they needed a strategic plan to guide the burgeoning organization over the coming years in a way that satisfied their increasingly diverse range of clients. 

Strategic Actions

  • Led development of a first-ever family vision statement and goals for Miramar, aligning the third, fourth and fifth generations of the family on a path forward.

  • Helped the Board deploy the vision statement and goals, and used it as a road map for improving the governance of the family office.

  • Helped the CEO lead Senior Management and the board in the development of a 3-Year strategic growth plan to achieve the family’s vision and goals.

  • Helped the firm instill a talent development process to cultivate and advance difference-makers, prune poor performers, and attract needed talent.

  • Introduced the firm to higher quality service providers that elevated operations.

  • Guided the leadership team through restructuring of the firm based on the strategic plan.

  • Used the strategic plan to drive operational process improvements.

  • Convinced the board of directors to add independent directors to improve governance, and introduced them to a world class recruiting firm to attract new board members.


  • Client survey results reveal improved performance and increased client satisfaction with key strategic services.

  • Achieved significant increase in key success metric: assets under management.

"We did an exhaustive, nationwide search for someone who could help us step back from our family office and rethink what it should provide our clients and how we provide it. We screened plenty of consultants with academic approaches, but we really hoped we would get someone who could help us deliver. With Jude we got both. He combined the strategic rigor that we needed to reimagine the business with the operational expertise to help us execute ambitious new plans. He had a deep level of engagement and applied just the right touch to get the most out of very diverse constituencies and stakeholders. As a bonus – and probably the ingredient that is most glaringly missing from most of these engagements – he quickly gained our trust."

- Tracy Tunney Ward, CEO at Miramar Services


JVM Realty is a multi-family real estate investment and property management company. The company was growing rapidly and exceeding goals under the leadership of its second-generation owner/CEO. But he wanted to make sure he was doing everything possible to achieve the full potential of his firm and his team.

Strategic Actions

  • Led a deep dive assessment of the company's strengths and obstacles to further growth.

  • Led the core leadership team in the development of a strategic plan to achieve the owner's aggressive growth goals.

  • Assisted the owner in the assessment and eventual renovation of the JVM leadership team.

  • Coached owner/CEO and key JVM leaders in the implementation of the strategic plan.

  • Led continued renewal of the strategic plan based on marketplace learning and the growth of the leadership team and key difference-makers.

  • Introduced the leadership team to vital external resources that helped JVM modernize its marketing strategy and execution, and digitally transform its go-to-market approach.


  • JVM is exceeding aggressive growth goals, and culture survey results show continued improvements in key metrics identified in the strategic plan.

"I started working with Jude in early 2016 with the goal to improve myself as a CEO and my company as a leader in the apartment investment and property management industry. As a successful second generation privately held company, I wanted to ensure JVM was well positioned with the most talented leaders and most efficient and effective processes to support our long-term growth objectives. Jude was extremely effective in working with myself and JVM’s senior leadership team to identify and focus on our strengths, while addressing opportunities for improvement. Through an engaging strategic planning process, Jude not only facilitated the development of a formal strategic plan, but continues to work with JVM to coach our leaders through the implementation of the plan. I would highly recommend Jude to other organizations with the passion to succeed."

- Jay Madary, Owner and CEO at JVM Realty