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In this brief interview by The Quinlan School of Business at Loyola University of Chicago, Jude discusses how culture can be a source of competitive advantage, especially in family owned enterprises.

9 Reasons Why Servant Leaders Make Better Family Board Directors.png

The role of an independent Board Director at family-owned enterprises stretches far beyond governance and holding the CEO and their team accountable. It is the Board of Directors’ responsibility to ensure that the advantages of being family-owned are fully leveraged to meet the family owners’ goals. Servant leaders are better suited for this role because of their higher levels of emotional intelligence, and greater focus on bringing out the best in others. Read more...


In this podcast, Tim Jipping sits down with Jude to explore many topics, including the superpower of curiosity, key practices for self-improvement, how to be a bad boss (and how to learn from one), nature vs. nurture, and of course leadership...Listen here.

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Matt Townsend interviews Jude on the topic of leadership. Many people see leaders as the commanding, born-to-lead type. Yet, not all leaders are born to lead. Leadership expert Jude Rake believes the best type of leader to be is a “servant” leader. In this interview, we discuss how leaders can focus on serving others...Listen here.

In this radio interview Jude discusses why he launched JDR Growth Partners, how he delivers value to clients, and why he gets so excited about helping leaders raise the bar....Listen here.

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