OFF! Case Study

Revitalizing a Dormant Brand and Driving Sustainable Long Term Growth

The OFF! Brand was the dominant player in the insect repellent category, and profit margins were among the highest at SC Johnson. But growth was stagnant, and consumers were turning to unconventional solutions such as Avon Skin So Soft and Citronella Candles to solve their needs.


Strategic Action:


A thorough analysis of consumer perceptions and behavior via both quantitative and ethnographic methods revealed latent dissatisfactions with traditional repellents, as well as the new unconventional solutions. These consumer insights were the foundation for a breakthrough strategic plan that was a springboard for explosive growth of the OFF! brand for several years including:


  • Building a high-performance, cross-functional leadership team.

  • A new OFF! Skintastic lotion with superior cosmetics, preferred 9:1 over Avon Skin So Soft.

  • Extension of OFF! Personal Repellents into space repellency with consumer-preferred OFF! Candles.

  • New-to-the-world space repellents including lanterns and coils.

  • Development and EPA approval of a Deet-free personal repellent using natural ingredients.

  • An innovative fan driven clip-on repellent.

  • Supply chain innovations to improve gross margins, including Asian sourcing.

  • Innovative customer management techniques leveraging fact-based analytics and category management.



  • Sales and profits doubled in four years.

  • The OFF! brand has sustained long term sales, profits, and market share growth based on this strategy for over two decades.

 “Jude is high on the motivation and courage scale. He drives for success in everything he does, and is not afraid to take on the hard issues and make the challenging decisions. If you are looking for a leader who acquiesces, avoids conflict, or embraces the status-quo, Jude is not your best option...I believe any company or team able to get Jude on their team is quite fortunate. His passion, leadership, and strategic skills are best-in-class. The experiences he has had, from large consumer products companies to mid-market organizations, all contribute to the potential he has to deliver results….”

- Mark Martin, Vice President - Marketing, International Markets at SC Johnson