- Tracy Tunney Ward, CEO at Miramar Services Inc.

JDR combined the strategic rigor that we needed to reimagine the business with the operational expertise to help us execute ambitious new plans. Jude had a deep level of engagement and applied just the right touch to get the most out of very diverse constituencies and stakeholders. As a bonus – and probably the ingredient that is most glaringly missing from most of these engagements – he quickly gained our trust.

- Jay Madary, CEO at JVM Realty

JDR was extremely effective in working with me and my senior leadership team to identify and focus on our strengths, while addressing opportunities for improvement. Through an engaging strategic planning process, Jude not only facilitated the development of a formal strategic plan, but continues to work with us to coach our leaders through the implementation of the plan. I would highly recommend JDR to other organizations with the passion to succeed.

- Steve McShane, Founder & CEO at Midtronics

Jude is an inspirational and motivational coach and respected mentor for our leadership team. He is helping us align our company's strategic vision and core values with those of our key customers and industry partners. His facilitation and leadership have helped encourage our team to move forward with greater confidence in our ability to achieve the growth to which we aspire."