About Us

Our Purpose and Promise

We relish helping leaders force-multiply the positive influence of leadership and strategy.

We promise to help our clients achieve growth and fulfillment. The outcome we always deliver is:
  • A more effective and happier leader
  • A higher performing leadership team
  • A more engaged workforce
  • More collaboration, innovation, accountability and leadership at all levels of the organization
  • Significantly better results

What Sets Us Apart

We have a wealth of experience actually navigating challenges and opportunities similar to those that you are experiencing. We've been there and actually done it, not just studied it and consulted. We use the word partner in our name with intention because we are business building partners rather than drive-by consultants. You can count on us to be in-it-to-win-it with you and your team because your success is the ultimate measure of our purpose and value. Here are seven reasons to believe our promise:​​

  • Results — Demonstrated track record as leaders and consultants.

  • Strategic and Pragmatic — Uncommon ability to bridge strategy and execution, grounded in experiences ranging from factory line worker, engineer, and marketer to CEO and independent Board director.

  • Best Practices — Trained at top notch companies, and sharpened in smaller, nimbler situations.

  • Breadth — Experience across many industries, businesses, and roles, from public to private and family owned.

  • Skilled — World class marketing, innovation, and selling capabilities, built on a rigorous engineering, analytical, and operational foundation.

  • Resourceful — Supported by a proven network of strategic partners.

  • Trustworthy — Unwavering principles and core values, confirmed by credible references. See testimonials.

Our Story

JDR Growth Partners was founded in 2014 by Jude Rake. Before founding JDR, Jude served in multiple C-level roles including CEO for eleven years. In each of these roles he built and led successful leadership teams that transformed several businesses at well known companies such as Clorox, PepsiCo, and SC Johnson, as well as family owned and private equity-backed companies.  He was increasingly asked by former colleagues and business partners for help with strategic planning, leadership development, and team building. Jude followed his passion and formed JDR Growth Partners to expand his leadership influence by helping multiple business leaders eager to improve their performance and results.

Our Core Values
  • Perseverance - We have a burning desire to win, and we believe the combination of courage, hustle, teamwork and resourcefulness can overcome many shortcomings.

  • Growth Mindset - We are relentless learners in our quest to be the best we can be, and we are fueled by uncommon curiosity and the lifelong pursuit of learning and growth.

  • IntegrityWe operate transparently, deliver on our promises, and remain steadfastly focused on doing the right things.

  • TeamworkWe believe we can be much more powerful than the sum of our parts if we collaborate respectfully, embrace contention constructively, and surround ourselves with diversity of thought and talent that are complementary.

  • Helping HandWe find the utmost gratification in helping others achieve more than they ever thought possible. It's the main reason we do what we do.

What We do

We adapted best practices learned at world class companies to business situations in which success requires more strategic focus and commitment to achieve profitable growth from fewer resources.

At JDR, we subscribe to Dwight Eisenhower's credo that it's about the planning, not just the plan. To fuel transformational growth, we use a market-driven strategic planning process that encourages leaders and difference-makers at all levels to step up. This leads to heightened collaboration, alignment, accountability and growth throughout the organization. We also provide 1:1 and collective team coaching to cultivate professional and personal growth, and fuel higher performing teams.


Our unique strategic planning process helps leaders exponentially expand and force-multiply their leadership influence by engaging key difference-makers in helping us define what success looks like and how we're going to achieve it together. For the team leader, our process is an excellent tool for assessing teammates and solidifying succession plans. Most importantly, it always fuels changes that lead to improved team performance, results, and personal fulfillment. Guaranteed.

Rather than a cookie cutter approach, we tailor our work to the unique strengths of our client. We are respectful of the core values that contributed to our client's success as we help them articulate and execute a rational and inspiring plan for the future when cultural renovation or transformational change is necessary.

The result is a strategic yet nimble approach that focuses precious resources where they add the most value, shuns lower value work and unnecessary bureaucracy, and elevates talent management and development to the top of the priority list. You and your team will thrive in a performance-based culture of collaboration and innovation that keeps the customer and your core values at the center of everything.