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JDR Growth Partners

Raise the Bar

"I highly recommend Jude because I have seen his principles in action, and they work. During the time our family-owned company has worked with Jude, we have focused our organization on strategic priorities and improved collaboration, innovation, accountability and results."

         - Bill Hallock, General Counsel and Board Secretary at Construction Specialties

Our Target Client

Every leader is challenged by the feeling that their team could achieve more. You wonder every day if you are doing everything possible to enable the success of the people you lead. At JDR Growth Partners, we believe the best leaders have a growth mind-set and feel this yearning most. The bar can always be raised, and we relish teaming with leaders to help them elevate the performance of their team and improve their results.


We add the most value to leaders who are experiencing one or more of the following performance gaps:

  • You and your team are so busy managing the day-to-day that you can’t find enough time to plan strategically for the future

  • You have a sound strategy, but it isn't executed the way you would like because everyone is so busy and resources are stretched too thin. There are too many projects in flight and few deliver the intended results

  • You have talented people, but they seem to be flailing without a focused and well-articulated vision and strategic direction

  • There is a “flavor-of-the-day” approach to revenue generation at your company

  • Your workforce is not as committed to company goals as you want them to be, and you believe many people in your organization could perform at a higher level

  • Your culture is relatively harmonious, but there is a lack of healthy debate and accountability


  • You are struggling with succession planning and the development of future leaders

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