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Keynotes & Workshops


Jude was the keynote speaker at our recent conference in Miami where he spoke about servant leadership. In a word, he “crushed” it. Jude not only had the highest scores among presenters for that event, but the highest we have seen among any event we've executed.


Jude has fantastic command of material and speaks to the audience with authenticity and a very resonant tone. He is highly effective because he uses references to which we can all relate."

Stanton Lewin, CEO at LKH&S

Jude is on a mission to help more leaders elevate the performance of their team and bring out the best in others. A sought-after keynote speaker, Jude speaks at family meetings, corporate and industry events, conferences, organizational programs, and workshops. He has presented for stakeholders, board directors, senior leaders and next generation leaders, universities, business schools, trade shows and government agencies.


Jude also moderates panel discussions on the latest best practices related to leadership development, strategic planning for sustained growth, building high-performance teams, and cultivating healthier workplace cultures. Each engagement is customized to fit the goals and the uniqueness of the organization, family and event.

Popular Topics


  • The Bridge to Growth: How servant leaders achieve better results, and why it matters now more than ever.

  • Leaders aren’t born, they are made.

  • The leadership traits that differentiate the best from the rest.

Jude Rake Speaking

High Performance Teaming

  • Raising the Bar: Moving people from satisfactorily disengaged toward eagerly committed to making a difference and winning.

  • How to build a high performance team.

  • The Exponential Equation: How the best leaders force-multiply their influence.

Jude Rake


  • What matters most, strategy or execution? What if it's something else?

  • Strategic planning that works.

  • How to energize your organization with a proven strategic planning process.

  • Avoiding corporate inertia: How to make your company more market-driven.

Denver photo.jpg
Jude Rake


  • How to build a healthier culture that delivers better results.

  • Culture: Why it matters now more than ever, and how you can cultivate a healthier culture.

  • Why we need more women in management.

  • Why diversity and inclusion matter.

Family Owned Enterprises

  • Seizing the advantages of family ownership.

  • 9 reasons servant leaders make better family business board directors.

  • Connecting the family, board and leadership team with a vision statement.

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