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Jude Rake

Emotionally intelligent leaders cultivate healthier organizations, and emotional intelligence can be learned.

The bridge from strategy to exceptional execution is built on talent and culture. Our solutions hinge on proven processes that engage more of your workforce in driving profitable growth. Recent research reveals that a mere 21% of employees are truly engaged and committed to the success of their company, even though a much higher percentage are satisfied with their job. We believe that raising the bar beyond mere satisfaction and closing this gap by improving workforce engagement represents the leader's biggest lever, and our strategic planning process is a proven tool to make it happen.

The Value of Engagement.png
The Challenge

Based on our real-world experience and extensive research, most workers are not receiving the communication and context they need to fully engage in the work needed for their company to achieve its full potential. An extensive Workplace Health Survey by Mental Health America (MHA) reveals the extent of the problem. MHA found that only 36 percent of the 17,000 people surveyed could rely on their supervisor for the support they need to do their job effectively. 


Further, a recent report by Mack Elevation found that 6 of 10 workers would choose a new boss over a pay raise, and 3 of 4 workers say that their supervisor is the most stressful part of their job. The top reasons sited? They did not receive proper recognition, and they were hindered by trivial activities and micromanagement. In a nutshell, most supervisors are not delivering the people they supervise the support and guidance they need and deserve to achieve peak performance.

JDR Solution

We can help. Our proven process encourages all team members to step up and elevate their game by leaning on each other's strengths and proactively addressing gaps that hinder performance. For the team leader, our process is an excellent tool for assessing teammates and solidifying succession plans. Most importantly, it always fuels changes that lead to improved team performance, results, and personal fulfillment. Guaranteed.




We help leaders cultivate difference-makers and leadership at all levels of their company, and build synergistic teams that are more powerful than the sum of their parts. We are attentive to the core values that contributed to the company’s success while helping leaders articulate and execute a rational and inspiring plan for the future when cultural renovation is necessary.


Our ultimate goal is for our clients to thrive in a performance-based culture of innovation and accountability that keeps their core values and customers at the center of everything. Below are a few of the additional services we have provided our clients:

  • Restructure the organization based on the strategic plan, minimizing bureaucracy and maximizing agility and teamwork.

  • Help the owner/founder transition away from their leadership role onto the next stage of their journey; help prepare next generation leadership, and coach them through the transition.

  • Assess, develop and coach individual leaders and leadership teams, and help the leaders more proactively and strategically manage leadership succession.

  • Cultivate high-performance, cross-functional teams that break down silos to improve teamwork and results.

  • Coach teams collectively and 1:1 to higher levels of performance.

  • Re-engineer talent management, development and succession processes to deliver a positive ROI, and elevate talent development to its proper place on the priority list.

“Jude's focus on developing leaders and collaboration across all functions of the company has resulted in a lasting improvement in our ability to manage complexity in a focused and strategic manner.”
- Linda Salem, CEO of Great Plains Manufacturing

“Jude has the unique ability to create a vision for growth AND the right plans to achieve them…When Jude has been in leadership roles, the best and brightest flocked to his team for personal growth and career development."

      - Patrick O’Brien, CEO at Paris Presents Incorporated and former President at SC Johnson

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