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Why JDR Growth Partners?


We use the word partner in our name with intention because we are business building partners rather than drive-by consultants.  You can count on us to be in-it-to-win-it with you and your team because your success is the ultimate measure of our purpose and value.

Strategic and Action Oriented

We have a reputation for quickly and strategically assessing organizations and markets, identifying opportunities and helping leaders mobilize resources to improve business practices and results with the appropriate sense of urgency. We believe that team alignment on a shared vision of success and a plan to make it reality requires thorough and collaborative analysis and planning. But we also appreciate the need to take action when new insights reveal time sensitive opportunities. 

Team Building & Coaching

What sets JDR apart is our wealth of experience actually navigating challenges and opportunities similar to those that you are experiencing. We've been there and actually done it, not just studied it and consulted. It is our strong track record of coaching and developing seasoned and emerging leaders on to fulfilling career paths and improved results that separates us from most consultants and executive coaches. We can help you build high performance, cross-functional teams with complementary skill sets, creating a sum that is stronger than its parts.


We believe that end-user inspired innovation backed by persuasive marketing support and disciplined sales execution are the life-blood of profitable business growth that stands the test of time. We have helped many companies and brands achieve a unique, winning market position. We have extensive innovation, marketing and selling experience building and revitalizing some of the strongest brands in the world.


We have the financial education and acumen to create economic value, honed by many years of bottom line responsibility. Our record of growing and improving the financial performance of businesses facing a variety of challenges and opportunities speaks for itself. We are intimately familiar with financial restructurings, acquisitions, and the marketing and selling of a business.

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- Anne K. Smart, Director of The Family Business Center at The Quinlan School of Business, Loyola University Chicago

JDR's practical approach offers a clear eyed and accessible solution to first understanding and then overcoming a company’s obstacles to growth.  The leader’s responsibility to be self aware, empowering of others and accountable are not new concepts– but Jude’s treatment is a breath of fresh air that leaders can intuitively understand and quickly adopt to create positive and sustainable change in themselves, their teams and their firms.

- Stanton Lewin, Founder  & Principal at LKH&S

Jude was the keynote speaker at our recent conference in Miami and he spoke about servant leadership. In our post event survey Jude not only had the highest scores among presenters for that event, but the highest we have seen among any event we've executed. Jude has fantastic command of material and speaks to the audience with authenticity and a very resonant tone. He is highly effective because he uses references to which we can all relate.

- Steve McShane, Founder, Owner and CEO at Midtronics

Jude is leading a strategic planning process for us that has our executive team totally engaged. He is an inspirational and motivational coach and respected mentor for our leadership team. His facilitation and leadership have helped encourage our team to move forward with greater confidence in our ability to achieve the growth to which we aspire.

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