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Jude Rake

We help you focus your organization on strategic priorities, simplify operations, and accelerate progress. The result is a nimbler, more strategic company that makes the tough choices necessary to focus precious resources where they add the most value, shuns unnecessary bureaucracy, and elevates talent management and development to the top of the priority list.

You can count on excellent communication skills to help you sell the plan, align your team and stakeholders, and motivate your workforce to higher levels of engagement, accountability, performance and results. Below are specific solutions we've provided our clients:

  • Communicate and deploy the strategic plan, and maximize workforce commitment

  • Allocate resources using a priority model and resource scorecard, and establish metrics to measure performance and drive learning, accountability, and course-correction

  • Simplify the supply chain to reduce costs and reallocate low-value work and resources toward profitable growth generation

  • Create marketing plans that leverage a progressive and efficient media mix including digital vehicles to maximize consumer awareness, trial, repeat, and ultimately ROI

  • Grow sales force results by aligning structure, compensation, and behavior with strategic goals

"I worked with Jude for 18 months. From the outset I thought I would benefit from his work more than I benefited from any other consultant over the past three decades ... and a year and half later that sentiment proved to be even more accurate than I had hoped.


Meetings with Jude are not filled with cliches and rehashed concepts (as is the case with so many business consultants); they were productive and efficient working sessions that achieved transformational results. Having been an experienced and successful operator made his counsel so much more practical than I expected. He builds leadership skills that can have as much effect on the business as better strategies, planning and execution. As a bonus, he is extremely easy to work with."

 - Tim King, Chief Administrative Officer at Miramar Services

"As chairman of RPG, I had the opportunity to work very closely with Jude. I was really impressed with Jude's ability to assess the challenges the company was facing, develop a strategy and action plan and execute it in a timely manner. Jude is known for his ability to assemble high performance teams and lead them to achieve superior results. He has extensive experience in developing and building strong consumer brands. Excellent communication skills. Jude is a great asset to any organization that values leadership with integrity, courage and tenacity."


- Mary George, former Chairperson at RPG and CEO at Easton Hockey and Bell Automotive

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