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This second-generation business had grown impressively for many years but had stagnated, and profits were beginning to deteriorate. Family ownership and the board of directors were dissatisfied with the performance of senior management, and trust between the two was waning. Business units suffered from a lack of strategic direction and competition was advancing at an alarming pace.


Wahl Clipper Corporation has been the leader in the professional and home grooming category since 1919 when they invented the first practical hair clipper. The company was transitioning leadership from the 3rd to the 4th generation, and the new CEO wanted to use servant leadership principles to leverage his family's values and lead his team in the development and deployment of its first global strategic plan.


Midtronics commands a +90% market share in their core market of battery management, but they worried that technological changes in the automotive industry might disrupt their business model and threaten their longer-term success. The founder and his team wanted help planning for an increasingly uncertain future.


The founder, owner and leader of this first generation business was nearing retirement and wrestling with family and leadership succession challenges. He continued to play a vital role in leading the business through decades of impressive growth. But the plan to fill the impending leadership vacuum his departure would create was unclear, and the family was divided regarding next steps.


Miramar is one of the largest family offices in the world as measured by AUM. The purpose and mission of the firm had become less clear because the family trust expired after six generations. As a result, the range of services required by the large family blossomed well beyond trust management and dividend distribution. The board of directors wanted to align the broader family on a shared vision for the family office, and realized they needed a strategic plan to guide the burgeoning organization over the coming years in a way that satisfied their increasingly diverse range of clients most efficiently.


JVM Realty is a multi-family real estate investment and property management company. The company was growing rapidly and exceeding goals under the leadership of its second-generation owner/CEO. But he wanted to make sure he was doing everything possible to achieve the full potential of his firm and his team.

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United Conveyor Corporation (UCC) has been the leader in helping coal fired power plants manage coal ash and other materials for over a century. Given the decline of the coal power generation industry due to government regulation in favor of more environmentally friendly energy sources, UCC sought strategic guidance from JDR Growth Partners to ensure the long-term health of the company. 

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